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Our Details

Inspired by timeless and classical styles, we at Electric Iris Design create unique atmospheres and experiences for our clients. Our goal is to transform our client’s vision into an authentic space to call their own. Whether working to redefine a personal home or helping a business ideate a new look, we are there to provide an effortless experience where our clients feel heard and respected. We are passionate about the relationships that both furnishings and artwork share to catalyze a fluidity among the interiors of any space.


About The Owner

Katherine Forsythe-Fandetti of Electric Iris Design, resides in the Boston, Massachusetts area. As a designer, she blends multiple styles and time periods to bring a unique vision to life. Forsythe-Fandetti finds inspiration in the simplicity of the American Arts and Crafts Movement as well as 20th Century works. She finds that juxtaposing classical favorites with the modern is refreshing. Katherine has had the opportunity to work on projects such as The Kendall Hotel, in Cambridge Massachusetts, and The Briar Barn Inn, in Rowley Massachusetts.


Preserve & Restore

Preserving and restoring antiques and artwork is very important to us. We are not afraid to take a piece that has been cast aside and breath new life back into it. Taking to time to restore a piece to its original luster makes all the difference when it comes to antiques. Whether it is replicating a historical stain once used on a piece or carefully gilding a refinished mirror, we take the time to do our research and make every step count. Our goal is to produce the best results and give pieces the look they once had. We also take the time to handle our antiques and art properly, ensuring that each piece gets the proper treatment it deserves. Pieces that we have carefully restored can be seen at The Briar Barn Inn, in Rowley Massachusetts.